Salmon Treble Hooks

Javier Turner
27 min readMar 13, 2024

Are you ready to dive into the world of Salmon Treble Hooks? In this exciting roundup, we’ll be exploring the top picks for salmon fishing enthusiasts. From the most durable to the most innovative, we’ve curated a list of salmon treble hooks that will help you reel in the catch of your dreams. So buckle up and get ready for a thrilling adventure as we delve into the best Salmon Treble Hooks on the market!

The Top 20 Best Salmon Treble Hooks

  1. Premium High-Carbon Steel Salmon Treble Hooks — VMC 9649 Round Bend Treble Hooks — High-quality, bronze-finished treble hooks made from durable high-carbon steel for enhanced strength and subtle visibility to attract even the most elusive fish.
  2. Vexan Crystal Reaper Glow Treble Hooks — Stylish, Sharp, and Luminous — Experience the ultimate strength and sharpness of Vexan Crystal Reaper Glow Treble Hooks, perfect for catching Salmon with their 6 available hook sizes, featuring LED crystal imbedments for a stunning glow-in-the-dark effect.
  3. Stinger Treble Hook: Owner’s Compact and Fishing-Friendly Design — The Owner Stinger ST-35 Short Shank Treble Hooks offer improved wide-gap hooking efficiency, fast hook penetration, and reduced bait damage with their 150-degree Premium Point Position design and Super Needle Points.
  4. VMC Barbarian Treble Hooks for Enhanced Salmon Catching with Vanadium Steel — Unleash increased strength with VMC Barbarian Treble Hooks, the perfect tool for Salmon fishing, featuring a sharp Cone Cut point, TLC for maximum energy transfer, and guaranteed to catch more fish.
  5. High-Performance Salmon Treble Hooks for Improved Fishing Experience — Discover enhanced hardbait performance with the Berkley Fusion19 Medium Shank EWG Red Treble Hooks, featuring long-lasting needle point technology, increased hook-up ratio, and easy tackle management.
  6. Premium Salmon Treble Hooks for Fishing Enthusiasts — Experience the unmatched quality of Eagle Claw Treble Fish Hooks, Size 14, perfect for fishing with dough bait and made in the USA. With 20 pieces and a 4.7-star rating, these hooks boast strength, precision, and versatility.
  7. Premium forged steel round bend treble hooks for advanced anglers — Experience superior hooksets and unmatched performance with Gamakatsu Round Bend Treble Hooks — Bronze, designed for ultimate success in hard bait fishing.
  8. Reliable Strength for Salmon Treble Hooks — Upgrade your angling game with Eagle Claw’s 2x Strong Treble Hook 374A — the ultimate choice for durability, strength, and reliability in all your fishing adventures.
  9. Bronze Treble Hooks for Salmon Fishing — Experience the power of efficient fishing with the Eagle Claw Bronze Treble Hooks, perfect for catching Salmon and enduring tough conditions.
  10. Premium Bronze Salmon Treble Hooks from Gamakatsu — Gamakatsu Treble Round Bend Hooks — Bronze — 1/0: The leading Japanese fish hook manufacturer’s premium, high-strength hooks, ideal for catching salmon and perfect for no-nonsense fishing enthusiasts.
  11. Premium Mustad Salmon Treble Hooks — Unrivaled Strength and Quality — Experience the superior strength and versatility of Mustad 3551 Treble Hooks, designed with unique technologies for optimal freshwater and saltwater performance, making them a top choice for all your fishing needs.
  12. Macks Lure Glo Bronze Chartreuse Treble Hook for Salmon Fishing — Enhance your Salmon fishing experience with Macks Lure Glo Bronze Treble Hook — Chartreuse 10, a highly effective, non-weighted Treble Hook designed for any fishing application, available in a two-pack.
  13. Mustad Triple Grip Treble Hook — Strong and Versatile Fishing Accessory — Experience enhanced durability and strength with Mustad’s Bronze 8 Triple Grip Treble Hook, designed for exceptional hooking and grip capabilities, making it the perfect choice for your favorite crankbaits and a must-have for avid anglers.
  14. EWG Salmon Treble Hooks for High-Action Fishing — Berkley Fusion19 Treble Hooks offer superior bait management, needle-point penetration, and EWG bend for increased hook ups, making them a must-have for both novice and seasoned anglers.
  15. Versatile Salmon Treble Hooks for Fishing Enthusiasts — Exceptional hook-up rates and precise penetration make the Berkley Fusion19 EWG Treble Hooks a perfect choice for salmon fishing enthusiasts.
  16. Mustad Treble Hook OShaughnessy: Strength and Value for Salmon Fishing — Experience unbeatable strength, durability, and sharpness with the Mustad Treble Hook OShaughnessy, a go-to choice for fresh and saltwater anglers.
  17. High-Quality Salmon Treble Hooks for Fishing Lovers — Upgrade your old lures with Daiichi D99Q 8 Treble Hooks, featuring a striking bleeding bait red finish, for an enhanced fishing experience.
  18. Versatile Fishing Treble Hooks: High Performance and Resealable Package — Berkley Fusion19 EWG Treble Hooks: 8 Orange FSN19EWGTR8-ORG — Needle point for easier penetration, EWG bend for increased hook ups, lightwire for improved strength, and perfect for high-action crankbaits.
  19. Gamakatsu Bronze Treble Round Bend Salmon Hooks — Superior Strength and Sharpness — Gamakatsu Bronze Treble Round Bend hooks, crafted with premium high carbon steel, advanced tempering, and expert sharpening, deliver unparalleled strength, flexibility, and sharpness, making them the go-to choice for salmon fishing enthusiasts.
  20. Eagle Claw Treble Spring Hooks for Fishing — Catch trophy fish with Eagle Claw Treble Spring Hooks, the perfect combination of American history and top-quality design, all while supporting US-made fishing gear.

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🔗Premium High-Carbon Steel Salmon Treble Hooks


As an avid angler, I’ve tried countless treble hooks, but none quite compare to the VMC 9649 Bronze Treble Hooks. With their hi-carbon steel construction, these hooks offer unparalleled strength, ensuring that I can reel in even the most finicky catches with ease.

The fine wire construction combined with premium Cut Point hook points provides instant penetration on hook sets, making it a breeze to secure that trophy fish. The traditional round bend design keeps fish pinned securely, while the bronze finish increases the hooks’ invisibility and natural appearance for my bait, giving me an edge over the surrounding fish.

While not perfect, these hooks have definitely made a difference in my fishing experience. With a reasonable price and a pack of 25, I’ve been able to upgrade my trebles without breaking the bank. Although I’ve noticed that they may not be ideal for saltwater fishing — something to consider if you’re a saltwater angler — the VMC 9649 Bronze Treble Hooks are a fantastic choice for any hard bait enthusiast.

🔗Vexan Crystal Reaper Glow Treble Hooks — Stylish, Sharp, and Luminous


I recently had the chance to give the Crystal Reaper Glow Treble Hooks from Vexan a try, and boy, was it an experience. I loved how sturdy and well-crafted these hooks were, thanks to the high-quality carbon steel they are made of. The blood red finish added a nice touch, giving them a truly striking appearance, especially when paired with the contrasting glow-in-the-dark crystals.

One of the coolest aspects of these hooks was their versatility, with multiple hook sizes available for various fishing techniques. Whether you’re targeting bass or going for something different, you’ve got options. The crystals, imbedded within the hooks, really made a difference by attracting light and adding a unique, eye-catching element to your bait.

While I truly enjoyed using these hooks, I did notice a bit of sharpness on the first few casts, which made me feel a bit cautious. However, once the point dulled a bit, the hooks performed like a charm. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Vexan Crystal Reaper Glow Treble Hooks to any serious angler looking for a reliable, unique, and stylish option.

🔗Stinger Treble Hook: Owner’s Compact and Fishing-Friendly Design


I recently tried a pack of Owner Stinger Short Shank treble hooks, and I must say, they’re a game-changer for my fishing adventures. The short shanks are a boon for a hook like this — they prevent tangling while allowing me to use larger gapped hooks without worrying about them getting snagged. The 150-degree Premium Point Position design is a fantastic feature, as it lets me ensure my bait is not damaged by overzealous hooks.

One of the key highlights of these hooks is their sticky-sharp Super Needle Points. I’ve been reeling in fish after fish with these, and they’re holding up exceptionally well, even after getting snagged on rocks in the creeks and lakes. They might be a bit difficult to find, but the Stinger hooks are worth the search.

Of course, the Japanese craftsmanship is evident in the hook’s finish. The Silky Gray frictionless finish is both practical and visually appealing, making these hooks a great addition to my tackle box. I’ve been using them for various fish species — Trout, Salmon, and even Yellowfin Tuna — and they’ve been perfect for each one.

My only gripe with these hooks is that, while they’re built to last, they might bend under the weight of larger fish. But that’s a common issue with any hook, so it’s nothing I wouldn’t expect.

Overall, the Owner Stinger Short Shank treble hooks are a fantastic addition to my fishing kit. They’re sharp, sturdy, and designed with the user’s needs in mind. I’ve become a convert, and I can’t wait to try more from the Stinger series.

🔗VMC Barbarian Treble Hooks for Enhanced Salmon Catching with Vanadium Steel


I’ve been using the VMC Barbarian Treble Hooks for a while now, especially for going after those feisty salmon. The hooks are made from tough Vanadium Steel which gives them an incredible amount of strength. This is really noticeable when I’m trying to reel in my catch.

One feature that stood out to me is the Cone Cut Point. It’s a specially designed point that penetrates the fish’s skin with ease and effortlessly. These hooks make the catch feel smooth and easy, even with the bigger fish. It’s a feature that makes my life easier, especially considering how much faster and easier they make my fishing experience.

The TLC, or Technical Locking Curve, is another strong point, pardon the pun. Once I hook my fish, the hook sets and stays firm. I can feel the lock going into place, providing a confidence boost as my catch begins to wrangle.

These hooks are available in different sizes in packs of 7. With 25% improved hooking, I’m catching more fish than ever before, making me a proud user of VMC Barbarian Treble Hooks Red 4. The bright red color also makes them easy to spot and use on my lure, adding a fun touch to my fishing experience.

While they’re excellent hooks, they work best in freshwater and for conventional fishing. I haven’t tested them in saltwater conditions yet, but they’ve been fantastic for my freshwater adventures.

🔗High-Performance Salmon Treble Hooks for Improved Fishing Experience


My experience with the Berkley Fusion19 Medium Shank EWG Red Treble Hooks has been quite impressive. The hooks are designed with a wide gap that helps increase hook-up ratios and makes it harder for fish to throw the hook. I found that the needle point on these hooks provided easy penetration, while the forged hook provided increased lateral strength for landing more fish.

One thing that stood out to me is the innovative resealable clam packaging. As an angler, I’ve always struggled with organizing my hooks, but this feature makes it a breeze to keep them clean and safe. These hooks also come in different sizes, making them suitable for any level of angler, whether you’re a novice or a professional.

While the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, I did encounter a minor issue with the quantity of hooks provided. The packaging mentioned a quantity of 8 per pack, but I only received 6. Nevertheless, the quality of the hooks more than made up for this small inconvenience.

Overall, the Berkley Fusion19 Medium Shank EWG Red Treble Hooks are a fantastic addition to any fisherman’s tackle box. Their sharpness, strength, and innovative packaging make them a great choice for adding visual attraction and improving the performance of your hardbaits.

🔗Premium Salmon Treble Hooks for Fishing Enthusiasts


Using the Eagle Claw Treble Fish Hooks in my daily fishing adventures, I can confidently say that they have been a game-changer for me. These hooks are incredibly strong and sharp, making it incredibly easy for me to land the fish I’m targeting.

One of the features that stood out to me was the versatility of these hooks. Whether I was using them for trout fishing with small power bait balls or for catfishing with organ meats, these hooks performed exceptionally well. The hooks are also perfect for using as a replacement or stinger treble on lures, ensuring that my lures remain sharp and effective.

The bronze finish of these hooks has proven to be a great touch, providing an extra bit of flash in the water, which, as mentioned by a fellow reviewer, actually helps to catch more fish. The precision-cut micro-ground hook points ensure deep and fast penetration, providing better hook sets and making it easier to land those elusive fish.

While these hooks are incredibly strong and effective, there were a couple of drawbacks that I encountered during my usage. Occasionally, I had issues with hooking myself with the barbed hooks, which was both painful and embarrassing. However, this was a minor inconvenience that was easily outweighed by the benefits of using these high-quality hooks.

In summary, the Eagle Claw Treble Fish Hooks are a valuable addition to any fisherman’s tackle box. Their strength, sharpness, and versatility make them a go-to choice for a wide range of fishing adventures. Though there were a couple of drawbacks, the positives far outweigh the negatives, making these hooks a must-have for any serious angler.

🔗Premium forged steel round bend treble hooks for advanced anglers


I recently gave Gamakatsu Round Bend Treble Hooks a try, and I must say, they have become my go-to choice for fishing lures. The first time I used them, I noticed a significant difference in the hooksets I managed to land. The hooks are ultra-sharp, round, and well-suited for penetrating fish flesh deep and quick.

One of the most impressive features of these hooks is their barbing, which ensures that once a fish strikes, it doesn’t have a chance to escape. This has made a considerable difference in my catches, especially during my recent fishing trips on Lake Amistad.

Another highlight of these Gamakatsu hooks is their durability and resistance to corrosion. The bronze finish provides a layer of protection against harsh environments, maintaining the hooks’ strength throughout their use.

While I have experienced immense success with these hooks, there are a couple of downsides to consider. The replacement hooks may come sharper than some expect, which can prove tricky for delicate hands. Additionally, finding the perfect size at times might be challenging, as there seem to be fewer available sizes in the red #10 range.

In summary, Gamakatsu Round Bend Treble Hooks are an excellent choice for those looking to improve their fishing game. With their superior sharpness, strength, and corrosion resistance, these hooks have earned their spot in my tackle box, and I’d highly recommend them for anglers looking to catch fish from every angle.

🔗Reliable Strength for Salmon Treble Hooks


As an avid fisherman, I recently decided it was time to upgrade my angling gear. I had heard about the Eagle Claw 374AH Bronze 2x Treble Hook for years and was eager to give it a try. These sturdy hooks, with their classic bronze finish, immediately caught my eye. They felt solid and well-made in my hands, a testament to their quality and durability.

One of the first things I noticed was the hooks’ precision-cut micro-ground points, which delivered deep and fast penetration for better hook sets. This is particularly useful when fishing for trout, as they fight and attempt to shake off the hook. I was impressed by the flexibility of these hooks too; they were perfectly tempered and forged for strength, resisting breaking during my fishing sessions.

Despite the initial cost, I soon realized the value of these high-quality hooks. They outperformed cheaper alternatives, lasting much longer and staying sharper for more catches. The fact that they’re made in the USA was an added bonus, as it ensured their reliability and commitment to quality.

My only critique would be the limited availability of the product, especially when it comes to last-minute stocking up before a fishing trip. It would be great if stores could carry more packs to meet the demand.

Overall, the Eagle Claw 374AH Bronze 2x Treble Hook has proven to be a valuable addition to my fishing gear. Its durability, sharpness, and reliability have earned my trust and respect, making it a worthwhile investment for any serious fisherman.

🔗Bronze Treble Hooks for Salmon Fishing


As a seasoned angler, I’ve had the privilege of trying out these Eagle Claw RGTRBW-8/0 Treble Hook Value Packs. The bronzed, sharp, and strong treble hooks were a game-changer for me while attempting to catch elusive paddlefish or spoonbill. The variety of sizes offers immense flexibility for different types of bait and fishing conditions.

One of the best parts about these hooks is their durability, even after multiple catches. However, I also noticed that they can be quite tricky to remove from the fish once snagged. This slight inconvenience is a small price to pay for their effectiveness in getting the job done. Overall, I highly recommend the Eagle Claw RGTRBW-8/0 Treble Hook Value Packs for any avid fisherman looking to amp up their snagging game.

🔗Premium Bronze Salmon Treble Hooks from Gamakatsu


As a fisherman, I can’t help but appreciate the quality and durability that Gamakatsu Treble Round Bend Hooks have to offer. Recently, I found myself in need of a replacement for the worn-out treble hook on my favorite lure. I remembered hearing about Gamakatsu’s reputation for producing the sharpest and most reliable hooks on the market, so I decided to give them a try.

Upon opening the package, I was immediately impressed by the sleek bronze finish and the sturdy build of these hooks. The Gamakatsu brand had certainly lived up to its reputation for craftsmanship. However, it was their unique design that truly set them apart. The rounded shape and slightly larger size appeared to provide a more secure grip on the fish, ensuring I would never miss a catch.

After a few trips out on the lake, I can confidently say that these hooks have exceeded my expectations. Their sharpness and reliability have made my fishing experience more enjoyable and successful. Despite the occasional need for sharpening, these Gamakatsu treble hooks have proven to be a worthy investment for any avid fisherman.

While there are a few cons to note, such as the occasional need for sharpening and the slightly higher price point compared to other brands, the pros far outweigh the cons. The Gamakatsu Treble Round Bend Hooks excel when it comes to performance, durability, and overall quality. I’m confident that these hooks will continue to serve me well for all my fishing adventures, and I highly recommend them to any fellow angler in search of the best hooks on the market.

🔗Premium Mustad Salmon Treble Hooks — Unrivaled Strength and Quality


As an avid angler, I’ve tried many treble hooks over the years, but the Mustad 3551 Treble Hook has stood out as one of my favorites. Its unique MTL point technology ensures that these hooks are not just sharp and efficient but also incredibly strong, thanks to Mustad’s Nor-Tempering process, which makes its hooks 30% stronger without sacrificing durability. The result is a reliable, versatile hook that can handle a wide variety of fish and fishing techniques.

Whether I’m trolling for salmon or tossing a lure for trout, I’ve come to rely on the Mustad 3551 hook. Its non-offset design and sturdy shank make it a perfect choice for rigging my lures and ensuring that they stay securely fastened in even the toughest conditions. Despite its strength, these hooks are amazingly sharp and maintain their edge, even after being used for multiple fish.

However, there is one downside to these hooks that I’ve noticed. While they are indeed stronger than their counterparts, I’ve found that the smaller sizes are not quite as durable as I would like. This has led me to only use these hooks for smaller fish and lighter lures, to avoid any potential loss.

In conclusion, the Mustad 3551 Treble Hook has become an essential part of my angling arsenal. Its superior strength and sharpness make it an absolute winner when it comes to catching fish in all sorts of conditions. If you haven’t tried them yet, I would highly recommend giving them a chance, even if it’s just for your smaller lures and catches.

🔗Macks Lure Glo Bronze Chartreuse Treble Hook for Salmon Fishing


I recently had the chance to try out Macks Lure Glo Bronze Treble Hooks in Chartreuse. As a seasoned angler, I found these hooks to be a game-changer in my fishing adventures. Their non-weighted design made them perfect for any species, allowing for more versatility in different fishing applications.

What really stood out to me was the unique glow feature of the Glo Hooks Treble Series. By exposing the Glo material to light, I was able to create an intense glow that seemed to attract fish like a beacon. This added element was a major highlight for me as I was able to catch more fish than ever before.

However, there were a few downsides to these hooks as well. The two-pack was a bit limiting for my needs, as I often found myself running out of hooks while out on the water. Additionally, I noticed that the hooks seemed to wear down more quickly than some of the other options I’ve used in the past.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I must say that Macks’ Glo Bronze Treble Hooks have become a staple in my fishing gear collection. Their effectiveness and innovative glow feature make them a must-try for any angler looking to up their catch game.

🔗Mustad Triple Grip Treble Hook — Strong and Versatile Fishing Accessory


I’ve been using the Mustad Triple Grip Treble hooks for a while now, and I must say, they’ve been a game-changer in my fishing experience. It’s clear that Mustad’s expertise in wire technology and Nor-tempering process makes these hooks lighter and up to 20% stronger. The unique lock-like shape almost guarantees a fish will be caught on the hook, preventing it from slipping out.

As someone who has tried various hooks, the precision of point alignment really makes an impact when it comes to hookset power. Plus, the angled shape helps reduce snagging on structures compared to rounded bend trebles. I’ve seen a significant improvement in the number of catches I make on my favorite crankbaits.

While the bronze color of the hooks isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, I’ve learned to prioritize functionality over visual appeal. These treble hooks have been incredibly durable and haven’t failed me once on the water. If you’re looking for a reliable alternative to standard treble hooks, give the Mustad Triple Grip hooks a try.

🔗EWG Salmon Treble Hooks for High-Action Fishing


For a quick and easy fish catch, look no further than the Berkley Fusion19 EWG Treble Hooks. These orange hooks offer a sharpness that makes them the perfect catch for all sorts of fish. With their needle point design, you’ll enjoy better penetration in the water, while their EWG bend increases hook-ups and keeps fish on the line. Additionally, the strong lightwire design ensures improved penetration and durability. Perfect for high-action and small profile baits, these hooks will quickly become your go-to for a day on the water.

But, don’t be too quick to change them. The sharpness might seem like a pro, but it also means that you’ll need to switch them out more often when catching large fish. Overall, the Berkley Fusion19 EWG Treble Hooks offer a high-quality, reliable, and bright solution for any angler, whether novice or experienced.

🔗Versatile Salmon Treble Hooks for Fishing Enthusiasts


Imagine fishing in the middle of the night, surrounded by moonlight-reflecting water, and having to quickly change your crankbait’s hook without losing its glow. That’s where the Berkley Fusion19 EWG Treble Hooks shine. These hooks are so vivid in the dark that they seem almost magical, making them the perfect choice for a moonlit fishing trip.

One of the great features is their inward bends, known as the EWG bend. These hooks make it easier to hook onto fish, increasing your chances of a successful catch. The lightweight, sturdy design means they’re perfect for small, high-action baits. But don’t be fooled by their lightness — they’re strong enough to handle the rough handling that comes with fishing.

Now, let’s talk about the potential downside — their durability in paint. While they’re great for catching fish, their paint has been reported to chip off when being swapped out. But that’s a small price to pay for such a useful product.

Overall, the Berkley Fusion19 EWG Treble Hooks are a great choice for any angler, whether novice or pro. They’re the perfect blend of strong, lightweight, and colorful, making a fishing trip even more thrilling.

🔗Mustad Treble Hook OShaughnessy: Strength and Value for Salmon Fishing


I recently tried Mustad’s OShaughnessy-Bronze Treble Hook, and it certainly met and exceeded my expectations. The needle point technology, combined with the standard length shank, makes it a reliable and efficient option for various fishing scenarios. One of the standout features is the MVL-V1 point technology, which significantly enhances the sharpness and penetration strength of the points. I also appreciate that this hook is designed for both fresh and saltwater use, catering to diverse fishing environments.

Despite its high-quality and impressive features, I found the wire gauge to be a bit thinner than I would have preferred. This might limit its effectiveness for larger fish species, which can be a downside for those planning to fish in deep waters. However, the overall value and performance of the hook seem well worth the investment.

Overall, I think the Mustad OShaughnessy-Bronze Treble Hook is a solid choice for anglers looking for a durable, versatile, and reliable hook option.

🔗High-Quality Salmon Treble Hooks for Fishing Lovers


As a fishing enthusiast, I recently discovered the Daiichi D99Q 8 Treble Hook and gave it a try. What stood out to me is the unique bleeding bait red finish — it looked great and added a touch of class to my worn-out artificial lures.

These hooks are perfect for replacing the ones on my old lures, giving them a fresh look and making them more eye-catching for the fish. However, I also noticed that they’re designed primarily for saltwater use. While they do a good job, it would be helpful if they had some options for freshwater fishing as well.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the performance of these hooks, and they’ve made a noticeable difference in my catches.

🔗Versatile Fishing Treble Hooks: High Performance and Resealable Package


I’ve been using the Berkley Fusion19 EWG Treble Hooks for some time now, and I must say, they’ve made quite an impact in my fishing sessions. The hook’s inward bends ensure that I can maintain better control of the fish, and the lightwire design has proven to be effective for making deep penetrations.

While using these hooks, I found one issue that stands out — paint durability. Although it might not be a deal-breaker for some anglers, the chipping did pose a minor inconvenience when I needed to replace the hook. However, this concern is relatively minor compared to the overall performance of these hooks.

The innovative resealable clam for tackle management is another feature that I appreciate. It helps keep the hooks organized and within reach during my fishing expeditions. All in all, these Berkley Fusion19 hooks are highly recommended for those seeking versatile, sturdy, and user-friendly treble hooks.

🔗Gamakatsu Bronze Treble Round Bend Salmon Hooks — Superior Strength and Sharpness


I’d heard a lot about Gamakatsu hooks before trying them, and let me tell you, the hype is real. These bronzed treble round bend hooks are a game-changer in the world of fishing. The oval hard foam weighted design, combined with the internal rattles, make them perfect for both clear and murky waters. As someone who’s used these hooks in various fishing scenarios, I’ve come to appreciate how convenient and easy to use they are.

What really stood out to me is the incredible sharpness of these hooks. They’re razor sharp right out of the box, making them ideal for catching even the most elusive fish. And the best part? They stay sharp much longer than other hooks I’ve used. It’s a fantastic feature that has helped me land more fish than I ever thought possible.

That being said, there are a few minor drawbacks to using these hooks. They’re thin, which can be both a pro and a con, depending on the situation. Also, I’ve noticed that the red paint tends to come off quite easily upon first use. But these are small issues compared to the overall quality and performance of the Gamakatsu bronze treble round bend hooks.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a versatile, sharp, and convenient treble hook for your fishing adventures, Gamakatsu’s bronze treble round bend is worth the investment. The positives far outweigh the negatives, and you’ll be thankful you made the switch. Happy fishing!

🔗Eagle Claw Treble Spring Hooks for Fishing


As a seasoned angler, I’ve come across a variety of hooks over the years, but none have piqued my interest quite like the Eagle Claw Treble Spring Hook 12 Bronze. Its unique shape and design, inspired by Drew McGill’s encounter with a bird of prey, make it stand out in a world of ordinary hooks.

One of the most striking features of these hooks is their exceptional durability. The high-quality materials used in their construction ensure that they can endure even the most challenging fishing conditions. Whether you’re reeling in a tough species in saltwater or chasing after a feisty freshwater fish, these hooks hold up like a pro.

I also appreciate the versatility of the Eagle Claw Treble Spring Hook. It’s designed to work with a wide range of bait types and has proven to be particularly effective with soft baits, like dough baits. In fact, one of my fellow anglers claimed that it was a game-changer when he used it for catfish bait.

While these hooks excel in many aspects, they do come with a slight drawback. Their pricing, while competitive, can be seen as on the higher side for those who are accustomed to budget-friendly options. However, considering the top-notch quality and attention to detail that Eagle Claw puts into every hook, it’s a small trade-off for a superior fishing experience.

In conclusion, the Eagle Claw Treble Spring Hook 12 Bronze is a fantastic option for serious anglers who demand only the best. It combines a unique design, superior durability, versatility, and attention to detail in a single package that’s sure to bring success to any fishing expedition.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to fishing for salmon, having the right equipment is crucial for success. One essential component is a well-designed salmon treble hook. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll cover the important features and considerations to help you make an informed decision when selecting salmon treble hooks.


Hook Size

Choosing the right hook size is one of the most important factors when fishing for salmon. Larger hooks are more efficient at hooking larger fish like salmon, but they should not be too large to prevent the fish from being able to fight against the hook. A hook size between 4/0 and 7/0 is typically recommended for salmon.

Construction Material

Salmon treble hooks come in various construction materials, including stainless steel, bronze, and black nickel. Each material has its pros and cons. Stainless steel hooks are durable and resist corrosion, making them a popular choice for saltwater fishing. Bronze hooks are also corrosion-resistant but may require more care during handling. Black nickel hooks provide a strong hook with a more subtle appearance.



Salmon treble hooks come in different styles, such as octopus, straight, or j-hook. Octopus hooks have two points that can penetrate the fish, providing better hooking efficiency. Straight hooks are suitable for different fishing techniques, while j-hooks are designed to easily penetrate the fish’s mouth.

Shank Length

The shank length of a salmon treble hook affects its overall performance. A longer shank makes it easier for the hook to penetrate deeper into the fish’s mouth, while a shorter shank provides more control and precise placement. The optimal shank length depends on the fishing technique and personal preference.



What are Salmon Treble Hooks?

Salmon Treble Hooks are a type of fishing hook designed specifically for catching salmon. They feature three points or “tines” on the hook, which help increase the chances of catching and holding onto the fish. These hooks are generally larger than traditional hooks and are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of salmon.

The versatility of Salmon Treble Hooks makes them a popular choice among anglers seeking to catch salmon. They can be used in both freshwater and saltwater environments, and their design ensures that they are well-suited for the challenge of catching this powerful and elusive fish species. Additionally, their durability and strength make them a reliable choice for the rigors of fishing.


What are the different types of Salmon Treble Hooks?

There are several types of Salmon Treble Hooks available on the market, each with its own unique design and features. Some of the most common types include the Octopuss, Helsinki, Baitfish, and Flathead Treble Hooks. These hooks can be distinguished by their size, shape, and the materials used in their construction.

The choice of hook type depends on various factors such as the angler’s experience, the specific type of salmon being targeted, and the fishing environment. For instance, Helsinki hooks are popular among experienced anglers and are known for their superior hooking and holding capabilities. On the other hand, Baitfish Treble Hooks are designed to mimic the natural movement of baitfish, making them an attractive option for both novice and experienced anglers.

How do I choose the right Salmon Treble Hook?

When selecting a Salmon Treble Hook, consider the following factors:

  1. Size: Choose a hook size that matches the size of the salmon you are targeting, taking into account the hook’s overall length and the gap between the tines. 2) Material: Select a hook made from durable and strong materials, such as stainless steel or tungsten. 3) Shape: Opt for a hook with a shape that best suits your fishing style and the salmon species you are targeting. 4) Hook point: A sharp and sturdy hook point is essential for securely hooking and holding onto salmon. 5) Coating: Some hooks are coated with substances to reduce friction, improve corrosion resistance, or enhance performance. Determine if a coating is necessary or desirable based on your personal preferences and the specific fishing scenario.

Additionally, consult with experienced anglers, read reviews, and research the performance of different types of Salmon Treble Hooks to inform and guide your purchasing decision. Ultimately, your choice should reflect your personal preferences, fishing experience, and the specific needs of your target salmon species.


Can I use Salmon Treble Hooks for other types of fish?

While Salmon Treble Hooks are primarily designed for catching salmon, they can also be used to target other fish species. However, their larger size and specialized design might not be the most effective option for smaller or more delicate fish. In such cases, opt for hooks specifically designed for the target species or consider using a smaller, more conventional hook.

It’s essential to consider the compatibility of the hook with the target fish and to adapt the hook size, shape, and presentation to maximize the chances of a successful catch. When targeting multiple species, it’s also crucial to have a diverse selection of hooks in your tackle box to accommodate the varying needs of different fish.

How do I care for and maintain my Salmon Treble Hooks?

To ensure the longevity and performance of your Salmon Treble Hooks, it’s essential to follow proper care and maintenance practices. 1) Clean the hooks: After each fishing trip, clean the hooks using freshwater to remove any debris, salt, or dirt. Additionally, consider using a hook cleaning tool or an abrasive sponge to remove any stubborn buildup. 2) Apply a protective coating: To prevent rust and corrosion, apply a protective coating or oil to the hooks. Stainless steel and tungsten hooks are naturally resistant to rust, making them a preferred choice for many anglers. 3) Store hooks properly: Store your hooks in a dry, clean, and well-organized manner to prevent damage and prolong their lifespan. Consider using a hook storage box or a customized fishing tackle case to help keep your hooks in pristine condition.

By following these maintenance practices, you can ensure your Salmon Treble Hooks remain in excellent condition and maintain their effectiveness in catching salmon and other fish species. Additionally, always inspect your hooks before and after each fishing trip to identify any signs of damage and replace them as needed.

What are some tips for using Salmon Treble Hooks?

To increase your chances of success when using Salmon Treble Hooks, consider the following tips:

  1. Use appropriate hook size: Select a hook size that is appropriate for the salmon you are targeting and the fishing environment. 2) Match the hook to the bait or lure: Ensure the hook size and design are compatible with the bait or lure being used. 3) Be prepared for a strong and powerful strike: Salmon are known for their incredible strength and agility. Be prepared for an intense battle and make sure you have the proper tackle and equipment to handle the fish. 4) Use appropriate hook presentation: To improve your chances of catching salmon, pay close attention to the way you present the hook. Adjust the depth, angle, and position of the hook to best match the behavior of the salmon in the specific fishing environment.
  2. Consider the salmon’s feeding habits: Study the feeding habits of the salmon species you are targeting, and adjust your hook presentation accordingly. This may include mimicking the natural movement of prey or using a bait that closely resembles the salmon’s preferred food source. 6) Practice patience and persistence: Catching salmon with Treble Hooks requires skill, practice, and patience. Be prepared for some trial and error, and remember that persistence often pays off in the long run.

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